I_love_you_man Well, this marks the first day of June. I will turn 30 this month. dun dun dun!

Jacinda and I are working on our "Total Money Makeover" so I already told her I don't expect much in the way of gifts. I said a CD and some cards from the kids would be cool. Usually, we're all about the gifts. Hence, the Total Money Makeover. 

Anyway, she emailed me today at work and announced that I will be getting a birthday month where she plans something fun to do each day in honor of my birthday. Tonight is our normal date night, so we are dropping the kids off with G&G and going to see "I love you man" and eat some chipotle. That is pretty much the perfect date for me by the way!

I can't wait to see the movie. I love both those actors, I'm just hoping it's not over-the-top crass like some of their movies are. 

Time to go. C-ya!


  1. dude. your wife rocks! 30 isn’t so bad (i keep telling myself that as i hit 30 in july). jay-z says 30 is the new 20 so if he says it it’s gotta be ok right??

  2. Seriously, where did your wife come from? Something special everyday for your birthday??? What a blessed man!

  3. Sweet man! June 1st I turned 30! Rae knows I like surprises and love partying with our friends so she threw a surprise party on Saturday for me and informed me that my birthday present was leaving on Monday for Vegas! She also got 4 other of our friends to come with us. It was a blast!
    Happy birthday!!

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