is the blog dead?

i don't know yet. sometimes i really want to pour my heart and soul into it, others, I just don't care, and even other times, I freak out that so much of my life is out there on the web. weird.

we are house-sitting for some good friends of ours, the Temples, this week and were watching Royal Pains on and Jacinda fell asleep. So, I turned the show off and thought I would check out the blog world. 

so, now that twitter and facebook are ruling your life, do you find the blogging slowing down?


  1. No… I do have Facebook and check in a number of times but not twiiter. Twitter is a little OCD/narcicistic for me. (No offense Brian or anyone else) As far as that goes Facebook can be too really. balance, right? My blog is my family scapbook. I am not creative so this is my outlet and eventually I will create books out of it for my kids. AND with our family spread out across America, it gives them a chance to see the kids and what is up in our life. Tell Jacinda I miss seeing your new little one on her blog!

  2. I am definitely distracted by facebook. I haven’t twittered yet. 😦 I think my blog has more substance and the kids. The difference for me is quality and quantity. Don’t you always have another blog post brewing. My poor brain is loaded, but so is the schedule. Good question! πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Brian! Had to chime in on this one. I have to say that I’m right there with my sis. I don’t really get the point of twitter…does everyone need to know what I’m doing at every moment of the day? Again, no offense but just don’t get it. But I didn’t get cell phones, email, the internet, etc. for a long time either, so maybe I’ll change my mind at some point. I’m just thinking that if I twitter everything what is there to talk about when I’m face to face? I like blogging for much the same reasons as Tina…helps family stay connected. And I read a few other blogs to stay connected to those families (like you all) or to be enlightened by someone’s opinion. With newspapers leaving, maybe blogging with become what printed paper used to be.

  4. P.S. Facebook is fun..nice to see what’s going on in people’s lives, but I don’t let myself be on there too much. Same thing with blogging…not everything in life is happening on the internet! LOL It can just seem that way if I’m on there too much. πŸ™‚

  5. I love reading your twitters and your blog, but if I had to choose, I’d pick your blog, hands down. Love the pictures!

  6. No way man…we’re blogging more than ever now. Who knows if we’ll ever frankenstein that thing back from the dead. It is a little creepy not knowing who is reading your stuff and what they are doing with that info. I hated trying to tiptoe around sensitive info.

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