if this is true…

Blog …then, my blog should be a lot busier. Because, I actually think it is the opposite. I'm so busy, that my blog is non-existent. The 55 hours of work each week have turned into less pictures taken, fewer entries, less twittering, and less online community.

I just don't really know when this is going to start easing back up. I want to do it, I just don't ever make it a priority.

How has your summer been going?


One comment

  1. I hope my blog isn’t me. My blog is vacant, unplugged and quiet. I want to plug back in when everyone ships off to school again. I wonder if summer always slows down the blog world. We have moved, vacationed, kids have had camps (i.e. mom taxi), you know the drill.
    I am thinking about switching my blog over to wordpress, typepad or the mac format. Any suggestions? Sick of boring blogspot. Maybe I need a blogspot tutorial. 🙂

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