What a great day!

Today was the kind of day I needed!

Picture 1I started early, got to work around 6:30 and worked for a good 4 hours. At 10:30, I called it a day and drove with two other guys out to Dinuba’s new golf course, Ridge Creek. We did discuss business, but most of it was fun. Ate lunch at the clubhouse, got out onto the course (which was amazing) and had a great time. I shot a 103, but had one 10 and three 8’s, so if I can just get rid of those extreme outliers then I’ll be doing much better.

On the way home, Jacinda texted me that we were having pizza and to pick up a movie that she rented on RedBox. Hallelujah! That sounded perfect!

bedtime-storiesI got home late, ate some pizza and then we all plopped down on the couches and watched Bedtime Stories. The girls loved it! Now I actually had a little time and energy to get on the MacBook, so I thought I’d send out a quick blog. amazing…


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