Hitting the Road

EveryTrail screenshotYesterday was the first day I was able to ride my bike to work since the whole staph infection fiasco. It felt good, but I was a little nervous to see how comfortable it would be and if my legs had remembered how to ride. Well, it was as easy as riding a bike, because, well…I was riding a bike. What I was really going for was to be able to ride to work without breaking too much of a sweat and I did pretty good.

After work Matt, a buddy mine from the office, wanted to take me on a real ride. I agreed and he came back and met me at the office complete with his bike and full race gear. The picture is of the route that we took. Out through the park, up this long hill which I swear I was barely going 2 miles an hour up, and then back down, out through Friant, hooked a right to go up the hill on Willow and then back to the flats of the neighborhoods. It was over 19 miles and at one point I couldn’t feel my hands, feet, or… umm… the part that I sit on. Ouch.

It was a good challenge and I’m really glad I did it. Can’t wait to build up more endurance and some “climbing” muscles.


  1. Good job Brian! You were wearing bike shorts and gloves, right? I was uncomfortable a lot when I went I my first couple of rides. Those complaints go away if your bike is fitted to you. Keep it up, super fun!

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