“Busy” is my middle name

I wish it wasn’t, but it is and it has it’s ups and downs for sure. We recently celebrated Vienna’s 1st birthday (She’s a St. Patrick’s Day baby!). I guess that means I officially don’t have any babies anymore in my house. Nah, as long as she’s still in diapers maybe…?

It was a cool party. Lot’s of old time friends and family. Farrell’s, Hoffman’s, Betners’, West’s, Smith’s, Frese’s and even one of Jacinda’s newer friends from the gym and her family came. It’s funny how later in life you start realizing the different kinds of friends you have. You have life long friends that no matter how far away they move away (Los and Heather) you’ll still probably see them more times in a year than you do the friend that lives across town! You have circumstantial friends, like people we were in ministry with at Peoples, that now, since we don’t go there, we never see. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just reality, but it’s still fun to see them every once in awhile. and then you have those friends, who, when you see them on the street, you’re like, “I cannot remember that dude’s name…uh, “Hey Bro!”.

That was an interesting tangent but something I’ve been thinking about lately.

By the way, I finally finished transitioning my wife’s blog from TypePad to WordPress. I had to copy all the pictures over one by one because TypePad saved the pics on their servers which I lost access to once I canceled my account. It took me weeks but I finished yesterday. We’re both going to start trying to document life a little more in our respectable blogs in the future. Check her’s out HERE.


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