Never knew the difference…

Our 9 year wedding anniversary was this week on the 26th. Penny and Bruce (my in-laws) and my parents went in together and bought us some new Calphalon pans. You see, 9 years ago, when we got married, we registered for all these really nice things. But, when you’re 21 and getting married a lot of your friends are 21 too. Therefore, we only received a couple of our “big ticket” items.

So, we didn’t get any pans, but we did get 1 small pot. Big enough to make all that box-mac n cheese we had those first couple years! We still needed some pans, so we went out and bought really cheap ones. Probably at Ross or Marshall’s or something like that.

Today, we got nice pans. I cooked eggs this morning and I couldn’t believe the difference! The pan got hotter, faster, and cooked more evenly. Then, as I scrambled the eggs, they didn’t stick to the bottom! I barely had to even touch these things to clean them. All I have to say is wow and thanks mom and dad, Penny & Bruce!


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