A Night Out, Kind of…

Last night Jacinda and I went out for her birthday dinner. We had gift certificates for Roger Rocka’s, a locally run live theater. They were doing a production of Bye Bye Birdie so I made reservations and we got all dressed up. We were told to be there between 6 and 6:30 and we arrived right around 6:15, hungry.
We got there, were showed to our seats and we ordered dinner. We didn’t want to spend a bunch of extra money so we settled in with our water and had an average dinner. We were all finished by 7:15 and I got this eery feeling when Jacinda was in bathroom…”I don’t think the show is starting until 8:30″
So, I go ask the hostess when it starts and I was right. I go back to the table and tell Jacinda.
Me: uh, so it doesn’t start until 8:30
Jacinda: no way, what do you want to do?
Me: well…
Jacinda: do you want to just leave?
Me: only if you do
Jacinda: oh good, I do

So, we left…
We totally went to Roger Rocka’s, ate dinner, and left before the show even started! It felt like we were ditching school or something. We just laughed and laughed, drove around and looked at houses in our favorite neighborhoods, got ice cream cones at Foster’s Freeze and when we got home, watched some TV and went to bed. It was a great night and we tried!


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