About a month ago, I started meeting with a registered dietician and have started counting my calories in and my calories out. It’s been good so far, I think I’m down right around 10 pounds, but we still have some things to figure out. That being said, I might’ve cheated once and had about 10 french fries at In-N-Out with the family, but I’ve been eating pretty clean.

Today’s lunch at Fleming’s changed all that. I mean, look at those potatoes! It was a business lunch (teaching us how to handle our client’s social security questions/needs/concerns) that I didn’t have to pay for, and it was good. Nice salad followed by some cajun shrimp, grilled veggies and cheesy potatoes and even some creme brulee for dessert. But, not even before I got back in the car, I wanted to throw up.

Uh, it was so heavy, I couldn’t shake it. I had brought work out clothes anyway, so at 4:30, I traded my suit for some shorts and walked around Woodward Park. That, accompanied with Matt Chandler’s last podcast, made me feel much better.

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