having fun…

We had a great Sunday! My dad sent me this text message in the morning reading,

“Hey. Do u guys want to hang out today after church? We have a couple of ideas. To learn more about having fun call xxx-xxxx. Ask for Dad.”

So we called and started planning. After church, we gave them a call and met up with them at Qdoba. It was my first time there and it’s a lot like Chipotle, but not quite as spicy. I don’t who came first, but they are almost identical. Then we wasted some time by driving by a house for sale (me and the girls’ favorite thing) and off to the movies.

Jacinda took Vienna home because she wasn’t coping well and to pack for her trip to the ATL this week. We went to theater and saw “Despicable Me”. It was a good time all around, the kids especially loved it. Now it’s kind of raining and it’s nice and cold outside. Perfect couch and blanket weather.

Thanks mom and dad!


  1. we really like qdoba too…i don’t think the burritos are as good as chipotle (i think the rice is stickier at chipotle), but i LOVE the tortilla soup/gumbo at qdoba. next time you guys go, you should try the gumbo and dip their chips in it…SUCH a great combo!

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