Date Night

Date Nights have been one of the few constants in the last couple years. Every week, my parents come over, feed, bathe, and love on our kids while we go out and enjoy some time together. Most are cheap dates, some include movies (rarely), starbucks, or Barnes & Noble. Tonight, we went to Tahoe Joe’s.

The Hoffman’s gave us a gift card to TJ’s for Christmas. Thank God for the Hoffmans! We usually get some type of gift card or movie tickets for Christmas and birthdays, but we try to spread them out. We used the movie tickets a couple weeks ago when we saw The Fighter (fantastic movie by the way) and lasted all of the end of January to use the steak house card. It was so good.

Ribs, camp style beans, salad, rolls and we even had a free appetizer coupon and ate some shrimp cocktail to start!
Most of all, we enjoyed a good solid 2 hours of just hanging out with each other. Thanks to all the people who made it happen!


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