We’re going back…back to the future!

A couple weeks ago when Jacinda and I were in SoCal for Catalyst, when the conference was all over we drove from Laguna Beach to Upland where our sister and and brother-in-law live. It was late and Jacinda was deep asleep. I was driving up the 57 and I look over and what do I see, a DeLorean. And not just any DeLorean, THE, DeLorean. I don’t know if it was the actual car or just a crazed fan because this thing looked just like the movie. No cheap parts, legit looking.

So, yes, I admit I was driving, but Jacinda was asleep and I had to grab a picture…and it’s a good one! Ha!



  1. Brian – I’ve seen that car! It’s not a DeLorean it’s THE Delorean. It looks just like the movie! I saw it and my picture (while driving : ) looks pretty much like yours. So just letting you know, I believe! ha ha! This all sort of sounds like spotting the Loch Ness : ) It was so fun to have you guys by the way!

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