just laying still…

Do you ever get so sick that you don’t even want to get online or read? It’s like you can’t even enjoy the “time-off” from other responsibilities because you’re so distracted by the pain. Well, that’s been me for the last several days.

It all started 2 Sundays ago playing grass volleyball after church. You see, I played volleyball in high school so my competitive juices were flowing! oh, and apparently saying, “bump, set, spike” is now what old people say…

Anyways, I remember stretching kind of funny a couple times and there were a lot of attempts at quick movement. Then Monday night, Jacinda and I went on a nice easy bike ride and another hard ride for me on Wednesday. By thursday night, my back basically seized up and I’ve been on the ground since. That’s right, the ground!

I missed a bike ride I planned on Saturday, missed going to church and leading worship on Easter Sunday, and missed most of the festivities of my kids looking for eggs and what not. I haven’t been able to leave the laying down position for more than 2 minutes and driving is excrutiating.

Yesterday though, Jacinda took me to see Dr. Dan and he hooked me up with some steroids and painkillers. They also gave me a shot of Demorall in the buttocks that almost instantly put me to sleep. Good stuff. I slept 4 hours solid last night which was great and I went to the physical therapist today.

My muscle spasmed so bad that it pinched the sciatic nerve and everything is on fire! It’ll take a couple more days to cool down probably, but at least I feel like I’m on the healing side of things now. It’s really one of the most painful and strange things that’s happened to me. I can pound out 10 pushups really quick, but I can’t stand up!

Anybody else experienced this kind of thing?

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  1. Let me know if you want me to deliver some Chipotle or In-N-Out or anything like that.

    P.S. Your butt looks great in that pic!

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