I Wish…

It’s another Saturday still lying here with my back out. I’ve been doing pretty good mentally, but this morning I was in a lot of pain and it’s pretty depressing. I mean, I’ve been laid up, literally, I’m talking walking down the hallway max for 8 days now.
My family all went out to go watch a T-Ball game and then to Costco for shopping and lunch. That’s the kind of stuff I’d love to be doing, time I’d love to spending with them. It’s better for them to get out and do something, I’m just soooooo bored laying here. There’s only so much TV, Movies, Blogs, Twitter, Reading, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Apple shopping you can do and then you’re bored.

I was supposed to be golfing right now up at Sierra Meadows with my buddies. Man I wish I was there right now…

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