Old and Young?

We are all watching TV tonight in the living room since Dad can’t “sit” at the dinner table. It’s nice to have them all down on the floor with me. The girls have been chomping at the bit to watch the new episode of “Shake It Up”. It’s a new Disney channel show about these two girls that are back-up dancers on a variety type dance show. The girls get up and dance around the living room trying to learn the moves and it’s actually pretty entertaining.
I love Disney because it makes me feel young again. Good shows, with normally good messages, cheesy one-liners that I always laugh at and it takes me back to the times of Sunday night family movies. But then the debate happenned…
Jacinda:How old do you think that kid is?
Brian: I dunno, like 4?
J: yeah right!
B: really? what, like 5?
J: no way…
This led to me getting on www.imdb.com and checking them all out. The little boy we were talking about is 9… The two stars of the show are 14. No big deal right? Um, the older one was born in 1997! When I graduated high school! Oh man, I am getting old…

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