our team

I’ve been laying flat on the ground because of a herniated disc now for over 4 weeks, but my desire to blog has just not been there. I have all these pictures sitting on my desktop that I want to use for blog posts, but I just haven’t worked myself up enough to do it.

This is over a month old, but in March we traveled down to Newport Coast, a really nice area of the California coast between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. We met our BFF’s Carlos and Heather for a couple days and attended Catalyst West Coast. It is an amazing event put on by a great team. We heard speakers like Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, and Britt Merrick. Also, the worship was amazing with Carlos of course and some guests like John Mark McMillan and Gungor.

This was actually the third year that I have attended and finally got to go with the RVC family too! Here’s a picture of the whole team hanging out! Me, Jacinda, Gordon (our pastor), Matt (our family pastor) and Luke (our worship leader).


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