How do you get rid of stuff?

We are yard sale people. More often than not, we will spend the first couple hours of a Saturday driving around town looking for yard sales. It’s always fun to find something that you can use for a really cheap price. I bought some lifetime warranty Monster cables that would be $60 in the store for 50 cents. I bought ski racks that will attach to our existing rack on our car for $5, normally $120. Jacinda goes for more of the home design stuff which she has a great eye for, but I love finding old records that I could display, or sporting goods stuff. We even got Kiara a set of kid golf clubs for $8 once that was practically brand new!

So when it comes time to get rid of stuff, we yard sale as well. The last one we did was really lame. Lots of baby clothes and other junk. We aren’t trying to make a ton of money, we just want to get rid of the stuff. We usually open up and tell practically everybody that everything is about a buck and then after a couple hours I pack up the car and drop the rest off at salvation army. It’s a great way to help clean out the closets and garage!

Do you like throwing or going to yard sales?


One comment

  1. Danielle and I love going yard sailing. My best find was probably a vintage cast iron Dutch Oven. We also have yard sales when things start piling up. Most of the time though I would rather just give things away to people that need it. It saves me time and helps them out too.

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