Our First Tri

Being flat all day because of my herniated disk has me remembering back to better times. I actually wrote a whole blog post about our first triathlon, but something happened and it got deleted, so here goes a short recap.

We got there super early and it was freezing. The thought of getting into a pool while it being in the low 50’s was just craziness. But, as time went on, the water seemed to be warmer than the air temp. We got our bikes all set up in the transition area. If you’re not familiar, that’s where you go to change from swimming to biking and then later you hang your bike up, change your shoes and start the running portion of the race.

My nerves were running high as I got ready for it, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I had actually had some problems with my back previous to this so I was worried that it might act up. As the race went on, I realized my back wasn’t going to be a problem and that I was going to actually finish this thing. I was all smiles as I swam those 400 meters, rode the 9 miles and ran the 2 miles. I couldn’t believe that I completed a triathlon!

As soon as I finished, I packed up some stuff from the transition area and got my camera to see Jacinda finish. I wasn’t long after that the first girl came through the finish line. I wasn’t counting exactly, but Jacinda wasn’t too far after that. Later as we were congratulating each other and talking to other finishers, we heard Jacinda’s name get called over the loudspeaker. She won something. No, not something.

First place! She was the first place finisher in her age group, 30-39! I couldn’t believe it and then again, I totally could… It’s just like her. She hadn’t trained at all, just taught her spin classes at the gym. She had hardly riden her bike at all, which isn’t even a real road race bike, and she only swam a couple times. She just doesn’t have a regulator switch…she is all push. So cool.

All in all, we had a great time participating in our first ever triathlon. I hope I can do it again someday after a lot of healing and physical therapy.


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