My Dad

This is a picture from several weeks ago when Kiara was getting an award at school. My parents both came as well as my brother. I really appreciated them taking the time out of their day to celebrate Kiara. My dad basically has 2 full time jobs and still makes time for these types of things.

I wanted to thank you dad, for taking time to love my kids. When someone loves your kids, then it makes you appreciate them even more. You and mom sacrifice time out of your busy lives at least one night a week and although I’m sure most of the time it’s a joy to hang with three screaming girls, sometimes I’m sure it isn’t. But you guys do it without fail and I love you for it. You have a way of getting to them that no one else can. It must be because they have some of that Hale humor in them or something, but they love you for it.

So, thanks for loving my family, my kids and me. I love you and Happy Father’s Day!


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