Camp Birthday

We had an amazing day today. We celebrated with our good friends the 5th birthday of our middle child, Melania. My amazing wife created “camp birthday”. The theme was like a summer camp complete with painting rocks, digging for worms (in whipped cream) and a water balloon toss. The kids were all great and then it was time for presents. At the end of all the other kids gifts, we gave Melania her new pet. We tied the little Russian Tortoise with 2 little purple balloons and let her go, telling Melania she had to find her present and it had balloons on it.
She couldn’t have been more excited and the little turtle was a hit (technically it’s a tortoise but c’mon, it just doesn’t’ run off the tongue as easy). I can’t believe we are venturing into the pet owner world, but this tortoise is pretty much indestructible, so hopefully we’ll be okay…


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