better or worse?

I was doing the dishes like the good husband I am and our food processor’s blade slipped and skinned the top of my thumb. ouch right?

Finger cuts are the worst. They burn like crazy…I thought. Then, I decided to try the New Skin that I bought for the first time.

Oh. My. Buddha.

That stuff burns like 10 times worse than the actual cut hurt. I just hope it works after all that pain!

You ever tried New Skin? Experiences?


  1. and it smells oddly like bananas if I remember right! I was never convinced it did much, but I was using it on my feet for ballet which isn’t really the same. Hope your finger feels better soon!

  2. Have I ever tried it? Please… I take that stuff with me on every trip. It’s now a permanent part of my toiletry bag. And of course it hurts like crazy (That’s how you know it’s working, right?). It’s basically rubber cement. I think it’s what they use at the hospital if you aren’t quite serious enough for stitches.

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