The Times They Are A Changing…

i let my brianhaleyeah.com web address go bye-bye. i’ll keep this blog up and running under haleyeah.wordpress.com but I don’t plan on updating it anytime soon.




Everyone knows that Social Media is huge, but it seems like the bulk of the active users are on Twitter and Fa

cebook. There’s Instagram (which Facebook owns), Foursquare, Vine, etc. etc. etc. I once counted as part of a survey and my answer was 16+ different programs.

What I think is interesting is how I see different people use the separate networks. When we go to a Catalyst conference, for Pastors and Ministry workers, it’s all about twitter. Here, in Fresno, we’re stuck on Facebook. Whenever I post an Instagram photo, I link it to several networks and the most “replies” or “likes” I get are from Facebook, even more than Instagram. That just baffles me.

So now we have LinkedIn. It’s the professionals Facebook right? Are people using it to actually do any work or are we just trying to build the Connections list? Not sure. I’ve been working on mine a lot lately, so we’ll see what kind of fruits come from all my labor…

So, what’s your favorite social network?


Are people still reading blogs?


I’m curious. I wonder if people are still reading blogs today? I still read a couple of them, but it seems as though most of the attention is going to faster, shorter social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Where are you spending the bulk of your online time? Are you still reading blogs or do you stick to more of the “social” media sites?