Back to Work

Outlook Well, I’m back to work today. My alarm went off at the "normal" 5am and I just said (out loud), "you gotta be kidding me". Since Melania was born, I’ve been staying up a little later and waking up say, around 7am. Those 2 hours are crucial for me. Surprisingly, I feeling pretty good. Got a coffee, which I don’t normally drink, and drove with the windows down. Got to work, turned on my computer and the magic number…256. 256 emails since I’ve been gone. 1 week. That will probably take a good chunk of my day right there. It’s Friday though and even when you have a ton of work to do, Fridays always seem like fun days.

Speaking of not sleeping, Los and Heather rolled into Fresno last night really late to check out the new addition. They are such good friends. Thanks guys. The special trip means a lot to us! It’s funny because you can tell that we are good friends because of how they just stop by, and within 30 minutes we’ve taken our pictures, Los is having his midnight snack in my fridge and then next thing you know, he’s helping me make our bed! So much for those late nights on the Playstation hugh!



  1. I doubt that your life will ever be normal again. It is always so comforting when those close and dear friends are there just to be there. No expectations or worry. Just love and real life. Yay.

  2. Ahh, isn’t it good to have such great friends that can eat your food without asking and then turn around and do something as simple as make the bed? It’s always nice to know you have friends like that.

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